Anal Fistula Treatment in Hyderabad

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Colorectal diseases can be mild or dangerous for life. But no matter how bad the disease is, it always makes sense to get the best care possible. Providing the most advanced care to patients with colorectal diseases, YES Hospital is considered as the first choice for the best anal fistula treatment in Hyderabad.

At YES Hospital in Hyderabad, we believe that colorectal surgery should be performed by highly qualified specialists. Our specialists are the best colorectal surgery doctors in Hyderabad who are experts in the latest techniques for the treatment of colorectal cancer and other related conditions. Our team also performs the best laparoscopic colorectal surgery at YES Hospital, Hyderabad.

What are Anal Fistula, its Types and treatment options?

An anal fistula is an abnormal, inflammatory, tube-shaped connection that develops between the wall of the intestine and the skin of the anus. A fistula is usually formed because of the repeated filling of an abscess with fluids from the body cavity.

Different types of fistula

  1. Blind fistula open at one end only but connected to two structures
  2. Complete fistula that has external and internal opening
  3. Horseshoe fistula that connects the anus to the surface of the skin near the anus after circling the rectum
  4. Incomplete fistula that has a tube that leaves the skin that is closed inside and that does not connect to any internal structure


Surgery is the only treatment for anal fistulas. It is usually done under general anesthesia but sometimes local anesthesia is also used. There are 3 surgical methods for the best anal fistula treatment in Hyderabad

  1. Fistulectomy: The fistulae are removed and sent for histopathological examination
  2. Fistulotomy: The fistulous tracts are incised and kept open to healing by allowing the scar tissue to cover them
  3. Corning of the Fistula: The fistulous tract is removed from the digestive tract by deep dissection around the fistula.
  4. VAFT video-assisted Fistulous-tract excision.
  5. Laser removal of the fistula after proper identification and cleaning of the tract. A larger beam is induced to close the entire tract. The procedure is not to cut, no sores, no need to get dressed and the patient returns to work the next day.

Benefits of Anal Fistula Treatment in Hyderabad from YES Hospital

YES Hospitals Hyderabad is one of the leading clinics in Hyderabad for the treatment of colorectal diseases such as piles, fistulas, and fissures. The benefits include:

  1. Surgical team with a specialist for the treatment of piles, fistulas, hernias, gallstones, and appendix
  2. Minimal Access Surgery Specialist for Rapid Recovery
  3. Infection rate close to zero
  4. Ultra-modern modular operating theaters with high-tech laparoscopic units of international standards for better clinical results
  5. EMI facility available for all surgeries with the best insurance policies.

We have a team of expert doctors with years of experience in treating fistula using the latest and most modern techniques. You get a free consultation for the first three months and the best part is that we provide EMI for undergoing surgery at affordable prices.

Why YES Hospital for the best anal fistula Treatment in Hyderabad?

Colorectal diseases are some of the most common health conditions which require a multidisciplinary clinical team approach. YES Hospital, Hyderabad has a weekly board where surgeons, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists and other specialist come together to reach a consent on the best anal fistula Treatment  in Hyderabad for the patient.

Our surgeons are highly qualified, have received clinical training at the best institutions in the world. Commitment to our patients and family-centered care ensures an understanding, comfortable environment and makes us the most favored hospital for the anal fistula Treatment in Hyderabad.