Hernia operation cost in Hyderabad

How much would it cost for a hernia operation?

Hernia is one of the common disorders noticed in every age group now days. Once a doctor suggests surgery is the only way out, then the immediate question that comes into mind is how much would it cost. Thinking about the cost of surgery and painful recovery period, a number of people avoid treatment. However Hernia operation cost is not much and even the recovery process is also not lengthy. Hernia operation cost in Hyderabad at Yes Hospitals is enough for verification.

 Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery is comparatively less expensive than Open Hernia Repair Surgery. One has to pay $1,100 for the former and for later $2,000. Depending on the age of the patient and type of hernia, doctor may suggest any of the above options, as both have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Read on to know in detail all about hernia surgery and benefits of insurance.

The patients who have lost their insurance or don’t have it at the time of surgery have to pay a little more for their hernia surgery. Patient might have to pay $500 or more for the same hernia surgery anywhere. So, those having insurance are at beneficial side and can save a good amount.

Is hernia surgery covered by insurance?

 Most of the people are confused and interested in knowing whether hernia surgery is covered under insurance or not. As one has to pay almost double amount without insurance, so it is better to confirm first. Most of the insurance companies cover hernia surgery under their policy and one feels relaxed to certain extent. Patients have to deposit a proof of pain or discomfort to insurers to complete the process.

Is hernia surgery painful?

Depending on the type of hernia doctor may advice different types of surgery like open or laparoscopic. Less recovery time, less and less damage to the surrounding tissues are some of the benefits of laparoscopic technique over the open one. But, the risks of reoccurring are higher than the open cases. Besides this the pain and discomfort post hernia surgery can vary according to the size of hernia and individuals tolerance power.

 Recovery after surgery is very fast and most of the patients are discharged on the next day. And within a week or two one can return to work as usual, but for heavy exercises they have to wait for three to four weeks. Qualified team of doctors and comparatively less Hernia operation cost in Hyderabad at Yes Hospitals makes it the first choice of patients.