Hernia Treatment in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is one of the best destinations for people looking for inguinal hernia surgery hospitals in the world. Hyderabad has emerged as one of the best medical tourism centers for its quality of medical care, the affordable costs of surgery for inguinal hernia repair and the presence of some of the most experienced gastroenterologist surgeons and supportive medical personnel.

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Today’s hernia repair surgery options comprise new techniques and materials that can make surgery less invasive, quicker recovery and less likely to relapse. And the smaller your hernia is, the more treatment options you’ll have.

What is Hernia?

A hernia is a lump or mass caused by weakness or tension in the muscle tissue in the abdominal area. It occurs when an organ pushes through an opening of a muscle or the adjacent tissue that keeps it intact. For example, a portion of the small or large intestine may protrude from the weakened portion of the abdominal wall which can cause pain and discomfort. Hernias are usually formed in the abdominal region; they can also form in the belly area, in the upper thigh, and in the groin.

What is Hernia treatment?

Hernias are classified into four types as Inguinal, Hiatal, umbilical and incisional. This classification is based on the position of a hernia and its cause. Nearly 70% of hernias are inguinal hernias. These hernias happen when the intestine pushes through a weak point or a tear in the lower abdominal wall, often in the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal is present near the groin area.

Types of hernia treatment in Hyderabad

Surgery under anesthesia – Hernia surgery is decided based on the magnitude of the emergency and the patient’s choice. It can be laparoscopic or an open procedure called herniorrhaphy.

Prescribed Medications, controlled diet, lifestyle changes and weight loss certainly control symptoms and minimize the need for surgery.

Why go with Yes Hospitals?

For best hernia treatment in Hyderabad, YES hospitals are the best choice for patients looking for best possible care at affordable expense. Also, Hernia Repair Surgery in YES hospitals is performed by highly skilled consultants and surgeons having most advanced techniques. Our surgical team has a lot of valuable studies on different aspects of hernia repair surgery and continues to benefit from the most up-to-date approach to surgical cases.

Several important operating procedures can be readily implemented at YES Hospital, particularly with a good backup of the intensive care unit

Hernia procedure in Yes hospitals

At YES hospitals, there are two surgical methods to get the best hernia treatment in Hyderabad. The two surgical procedures depend on the type of a hernia.

Open technique: This is the most traditional and common technique to make an incision on the swelling and isolate a hernia. Hernia repair through the mesh has become a common technique. In children, young adults and most women, the mesh is not used in the repair. In these patients, a strong repair can be obtained only with stitches.

Laparoscopic technique – In suitable patients, hernia repair can be performed from within the abdomen with a laparoscope. The laparoscope is about as big as the tip of your little finger and has a lens with a light on top. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The advantages of this technique are that in the first 2 days there is less pain, the return to normal activity is about 2-3 weeks and it may be suitable for overweight people.