Benefits of Choosing Yes Hospital For External Hemorrhoid Treatment

In the modern world, most of the people are facing the hemorrhoid problems in their life. Hemorrhoid can be classified into the two types such as internal and external hemorrhoid. Yes Hospital is a right choice for External Hemorrhoids treatment in Hyderabad. The hospital has well-trained doctors to provide the hemorrhoid treatment. The External Hemorrhoid treatment in Hyderabad provides the affordable hemorrhoid treatment.

Some symptoms that anyone may have include itching around the area of the anus, red blood in the stool, pain around the area of rectal or anus and others. If the individual experience these above symptoms then you should visit the Yes Hospital and get the best treatment. We use different techniques to diagnoses hemorrhoid permanently. We provide the hemorrhoid procedure in surgical and non-surgical. The doctors will suggest the treatment depends on your hemorrhoid size.

What is External Hemorrhoid treatment?

The external hemorrhoid is one kind of the hemorrhoid problems. It is located under the skin which surrounded the area of the anus. They may cause itching, pain and bleed with the movement of bowel. If you experience the hemorrhoid symptoms then you can contact the doctor and get the best treatment.

Causes of External Hemorrhoid

The hemorrhoid is caused by the swelling in the area of rectal veins. It makes the anal susceptible and irritation. It is also caused by the severe cases of diarrhea.  The pregnant women may be at the risk of the hemorrhoids because the high pressure in the uterus places causes the hemorrhoids disease. The swelling can cause by various things such as vomiting, eating low-fiber diet, pregnancy, sneezing, obesity, and others.

External Hemorrhoid treatment offered by Yes Hospital

Yes Hospital can treat the external Hemorrhoids in different ways that vary in the severity. Our specialist may ask if the patient has any treatments. The common type of the treatments that the doctor suggest such as hemorrhoid creams, ice packs, suppositories, and others. These types of the treatment can also provide relief the person who has a hemorrhoid problem. If the patient has the severe case then we suggest hemorrhoid surgical treatment. We provide the banding treatment that helps to cure hemorrhoid within the week. Yes Hospital provides the various surgical treatments hemorrhoid such as

Hemorrhoid removal

Hemorrhoid tissue burning with laser or infrared photo

sclerotherapy to reduce hemorrhoids

How Yes Hospital diagnosed external hemorrhoid

Most of the external hemorrhoid symptoms can be caused by some other condition so it is important to have depth exam before taking the hemorrhoid treatment. We may use the latest equipment to test external hemorrhoid around the anus. Our experts start with the physical exam and they may see external hemorrhoid. Yes hospital provides various test to confirm the hemorrhoid presence such as




Digital rectum test and others

Why is Yes Hospital different from others?

Yes hospital provides the hemorrhoid treatment by using the latest technology. Its aim is to provide the external and internal hemorrhoid treatment with the international protocols standard. Our hemorrhoid procedure is painless and permanent to cure external hemorrhoid. The doctor analyzes hemorrhoid and lifestyle and offers the specific solution to the patients. External Hemorrhoid treatment in Hyderabad has experienced doctors and staffs to provide the first-class treatment to our patient. They also offer the daycare service to their patient. Yes Hospital designed to provide the treatment for rectal and anal problems such as Fistula, hemorrhoid, and others. Our staffs will maintain the complete patient history by using the electronic medical record management system. Yes hospital provides the cost-effective external hemorrhoid treatment.