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  1. Types of Piles or Hemorrhoids:

In general, piles are of three types – internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, and prolapsed hemorrhoids

  • Internal hemorrhoids

Basically, this type of piles will never cause much pain than other two types. It will occur in the inner part of the rectum and anal canal.

  • External hemorrhoids

This type of piles will be very much painful and it will occur outside the anus. But there is no need to worry, we, Yes Hospitals can solve this problem by giving an effective treatment to the patients.

  • Prolapsed hemorrhoids

This type of piles will occur bulge on the outer part of the anus and also from inside. But it is possible to push it back inside. You have to note one more thing here, if the condition becomes critical and if permanently the piles are prolapsed means then severe treatment and surgery is required. The main reason for this, if the condition becomes severe, it cannot be pushed back inside.

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  1. What are the symptoms of piles?
  • Around the a nus, itchiness will take place and it will be very uneasy to be in a comfort zone.
  • You may feel that the bowel is still full, subsequent to going to the toilet.
  • At the time defecating, discomfort and pain will be there.
  • After the bowel movement, bright and thick red blood will be formed.
  • You will feel heaviness or pain at the time opening your anus for defecating or fart.
  • Anus and its outer areas will surround by red rashes and will be sore.
  • The lump will also occur in the anus, which is a major symptom for piles affect. As the extension of it, it will become hard slowly and blood will coagulate from that. It is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. It will cause a hell of a pain to the victims.
  • Body weight will be reduced suddenly and feel tired all the day.
  • During the time of bowel, slippery mucus will be discharged from the anus.

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  1. Causes of Piles:
  • Lifting heavy weights is one of the major causes for getting piles
  • Chronic constipation
  • Getting mental tension regularly will cause piles
  • At the time of passing stool, much straining will lead to piles
  • Eating foods will less fiber is also a key reason for peoples to suffer from piles
  • Vomiting and Coughing
  • Prostate issues in older men
  • Hormone changes at the time of pregnancy induced
  • Obesity will sure lead people to suffer from piles
  • Cancer patients may also have a chance of getting piles due to pressure is given to the abdomen region
  1. Diagnosis of Piles or Hemorrhoids in Yes Hospitals:

In Yes Hospitals – Piles treatment in Hyderabad, our experienced doctors will diagnosis the patients very clearly and will easily found whether they are suffering from piles or not.

  • At first, our doctors will clearly ask about the family history of the patients, whether there any of their family members have been affected by piles.
  • Then doctors will ask the patient about the occurrence of blood in their stools. If the patients are not clear about it, we will immediately arrange for a motion test and will diagnosis whether the patient is having piles or not.
  • Also, our doctor will get clear whether any mucus occurred on their stools.
  • Doctors will also about their body weight issues – whether they have faced any sudden weight loss.
  1. Types of treatments in piles done in Yes Hospitals:

Piles treatment in Hyderabad from Yes Hospitals is needed when veins in the anus or butt are extended, causing inconvenience and pain. It isn’t effortlessly overseen. One must deal with their eating regimen, a practice routinely and do whatever it takes not to get hurt or strain at the time of defecating in the toilet. Here you can find types of treatments in piles done in Yes Hospitals

Normal techniques for treatment by means of surgery followed in Yes Hospitals are

  • Sclerotherapy or Injection
  • Banding
  • Coagulation or Cauterization
  • Surgery

Below you can find the clear descriptions

  • Sclerotherapy or Injection:

A medication is infused to make the piles or hemorrhoid recoil. These impacts grade 2 and 3 piles or hemorrhoids and are a valuable contrasting option to banding.

  • Banding:

A versatile band is utilized around the base of the pile inside the butt, removing its blood supply. Following a couple of days, the piles or hemorrhoids tumble off. This can work for grade 2 and 3 piles or hemorrhoids.

  • Coagulation or Cauterization:

It is also alluded to as infrared coagulation, it is utilized for grade 1 or grade 2 piles or hemorrhoids. A gadget consumes the piles or hemorrhoid tissue.

In general, Piles are graded into four grades – grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4, contingent upon the size.

Grade 1 – This needs just prescription.

Grade 2 – Nonsurgical treatment with Infra-Red Coagulation or IRC. Usually, it will cause less pain yet require numerous settings.

Grade 3 and Grade 4 – These grades will sure require surgery to cure piles problem completely, which is best on the grounds that piles vanish for eternity. This surgical treatment is utilized for especially extensive measured piles or hemorrhoids when different systems are not compelling.

You must know one thing, the Piles treatment in Hyderabad is very reasonable when you get treatment from Yes Hospitals. So, are you suffering from piles problem, then visit us and get a cure for it.