Best Treatment for Fistula in Hyderabad

An anal fistula is a small infected tube that has an internal opening in the anal canal. Get anal fistula Treatment in Hyderabad by the best colorectal specialists at YES Hospital.

For most patients suffering from anal fissures, they can testify their life in a vicious cycle while they experience pain related to bowel movement, simply end up resisting the need to defecate and make the passage of stools quite painful and difficult. Treatment on the same should be focused on breaking this cycle in order to allow the healing process.

Hyderabad is one of the best destinations for people seeking anal fistula treatment hospitals in the world. Hyderabad has emerged as one of the best medical tourism centers for the quality of medical care, the affordable costs of anal fistula surgery and the existence of some of the most experienced general surgeon for Anal Fistula and supporting medical staff.

So, if you suffer from the unbearable pain of anal fistula, Fistula treatment in Hyderabad offers an extremely high standard of medical care and ranks among some of the best hospitals in the world.

What is fistula Treatment?

An anal fistula is an abnormal tunnel under the skin that connects the anal canal in the colon to the skin of the buttocks. Most anal fistulas are formed in reaction to an anal gland that has developed an infection full of pus (abscess).

Anal fistulas usually require surgery because they rarely heal if they are left untreated.

The main options include:

A fistulotomy a procedure that involves cutting the entire length of the fistula open so that it heals in a flat scar

  1. Seton procedures – where a piece of a surgical thread called a seton is inserted into the fistula and left there for several weeks to help heal before performing an additional procedure to treat it

Other techniques – including filling the fistula with special glue, blocking it with a special cap, or covering it with a flap of tissue

All these procedures have different advantages and risks. You can discuss it with your surgeon.

Many people do not need to stay in the hospital overnight after the surgery. The patient requires a minimum bed rest and can resume daily activities within 12 to 24 hours, although some may need to remain in a hospital for a few days.

Advantages with YES Hospitals for fistula treatment in Hyderabad

There are many other reasons that list YES hospitals among the best hospitals for fistula treatment in Hyderabad and some of these factors include:

Low cost of anal fistula surgery: the costs that a patient needs to pay at the YES hospital are lower than any other hospital that offers a similar quality of medical care.

Availability of facilities: Fistula treatment in Hyderabad by YES hospital is equipped with all diagnostic and therapeutic facilities under one roof. All these facilities can be immediately accessible in case of emergency without any delay.

Option to combine leisure time with anal fistula surgery: medical tourists arriving in Hyderabad can choose to travel to popular destinations in Hyderabad. For example, a patient seeking a fistula treatment in Hyderabad may choose to travel to nearby tourist locations for a couple of days to explore the country’s cultural heritage.

Why Yes Hospitals?

The total cost of fistula treatment in Hyderabad is quite affordable compared to other places.Facility of providing EMI and insurance policy for every treatment is another reason why hundreds of patients from all over the world decide to visit Hyderabad for medical treatment.

Well connected to the world: Besides all these factors, Hyderabad is well connected to major cities of the world through international flights. YES hospital in Hyderabad has friendly medical staff with world-class medical facilities to guide and help patients from different states and countries to achieve better health.