Fistula Treatment without Operation

Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment(VAAFT) at YES hospital – The non-invasive, painless procedure, early recovery and the chances of recurrence are less than traditional surgery. Your only destination to find the best fistula treatment in Hyderabad.

Patients suffering from anal fistula, which nearly affects seven per every 1,000 men in India, no longer have to undergo traditional surgery with the availability of Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment(VAAFT) at Hyderabad with better clinical outcomes.

What is Video assisted anal fistula treatment?

Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment(VAAFT) at Hyderabad is performed to correct complex anal fistulas and their recurrences. The key points are the correct localization of the opening of the internal fistula under the vision, the treatment of the fistula from the inside, and also the hermetic closure from the internal opening. This technique includes two phases: a diagnostic and an operative one. It is not necessary to know the classification of the fistula which obviously saves both time and money. In addition, surgical wounds in the perianal region are prevented and the possibility of fecal incontinence is sidestepped because no sphincter damage is caused.

Because of the minimally invasive nature of VAAFT and the lack of excision, injury or scar formation, the pain caused by exhaustion of anesthesia is very slight or negligible.

Complete removal of the fistula is guaranteed because the entire procedure is performed under direct channel visualization. As a result, the incidence of recurrence is very rare. Video assisted anal fistula treatment is safe, viable, daycare, painless procedure with promising results in short-term follow-up.

To minimize injuries to the anal sphincter, new sphincter sparing procedures are also used for faster recovery such as LASER treatment at the YES hospital apart from the VAAFT technique such as:

LASER treatment of anal fistula – It is a minimally invasive, safe and effective procedure for the sphincter. It usually takes about 15 minutes.


Hydrogen peroxide or methylene blue is injected from the outer opening to identify the internal opening of the fistula.

The fistula tract is debrided with the curate.

Through the guide wire, a 14F plastic cable catheter is inserted into the tract.

Radial-emitting disposable laser fiber is inserted into the catheter with the tip emerging from the internal opening.

A LASER diode is used, the fiber delivers homogeneous laser energy and the tract is closed. Gradually it is withdrawn


  • It does not affect the function of continence.
  • Less hospital stays compared to the endorectal advancement flap or LIFT.


The benefits of the Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment(VAAFT) at Hyderabad technique are clear: no surgical wounds are caused around the buttocks or the perianal region, there is complete certainty in the localization of the internal fistula opening and the fistula can be completely destroyed from the inside. There is no compulsion to understand when the fistula is extrasphincteric, transphincteric, or excessively sphincteric because operating from interior does not cause any damage to the anal sphincters. Therefore, no preoperative examination is essential. The possibility of postoperative fecal incontinence is excluded. Also, the patient has no medication and can start working again after a couple of days because the VAAFT technique can be performed in a day surgery.

Benefits of Anal fistula surgery in YES Hospital

At the YES Hospital for anal fistula treatment, we offer the one-day procedure for the management of anorectal diseases, offering cutting-edge treatments such as laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery for treating anal fistula along with facilities listed below:

  • Advanced treatment by specialized and experienced surgeons
  • EMI option available to undergo surgeries at affordable prices
  • free consultation for the first three months
  • Get treatment done in 30 minutes

Why YES Hospital for Anal Fistula Surgery without Operation

The YES Hospital is also one of the few centers to use robotic and laparoscopic colorectal surgery in India as a standard technique for all abdominal colorectal procedures. It is also considered to be one of the most active colorectal centers with over zero-infection rates and better clinical outcomes.