Hemorrhoid treatment in Hyderabad

Due to the changed lifestyle and food habits, many people nowadays experience hemorrhoid for various reasons. Hemorrhoids are also called as piles. Actually, piles are swollen veins in the lower part of the rectum and anus. They become painful and irritated when the walls of these vessels stretched.

Even though hemorrhoids can be painful and unpleasant, they are treated easily and preventable as well.  As it gets worse over time, doctors usually suggest that can be treated soon as they appear. When you decide to get hemorrhoids treatment, look no further than Yes hospital. We are one of the best hospitals offering the finest Hemorrhoid treatment in Hyderabad.

Our hospital is well equipped with modern and latest to perform piles operation in a better manner. We have a team of expert medical practitioners who have years of experience and knowledge in the field. We always do an extensive diagnosis to provide the best procedure to treat piles based on your requirements.

What is hemorrhoid treatment?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus that is much similar to varicose veins. One may have hemorrhoids for various reasons but often the cause is unknown. They may result from the straining at the time of bowel movements or even from the increased pressure on these veins while pregnancy. It may locate inside or around the skin under the anus. It is quite common because three out of four adults will have piles very often.

how to relieve piles

In some cases, it does not cause any symptoms but sometimes it causes discomfort, itching, and even bleeding. Even though piles are not dangerous, it can be highly painful. Luckily, there are many effective options are available now to treat hemorrhoids. Most of the people can get relief from piles with lifestyle changes and even home treatments.

How do Yes Hospital diagnosis Hemorrhoids?

In Yes Hospital, we have experienced doctors who have years of experience in this field so that they will analysis the patients very clearly and easily determine whether they are actually suffering from hemorrhoids or not.

  • First, our doctor will ask about the patients family history whether any of their family members have been suffered from hemorrhoids
  • Then, we ask the patient about the occurrence of the blood in their stools. If the patient is not sure about it, then we will instantly arrange for the motion test and analyze whether the patient has hemorrhoids or not
  • Our medical team will get clear about any mucus occurred in the patient’s stool
  • We will also ask about their body weight issues whether they have sudden weight loss or any other

Different types of treatments for hemorrhoids done in Yes Hospitals:

The hemorrhoids treatment from our hospital is required when veins in the butt or anus extended and cause pain & inconvenience.  Here, you can determine the types of treatments for hemorrhoids done in Yes Hospitals.

  • Sclerotherapy or Injection
  • Banding
  • Coagulation or Cauterization
  • Surger
fissures causes piles

Things make Yes Hospital different from others:

When it comes to getting Hemorrhoid treatment in Hyderabad, many people tend to prefer Yes hospital than others because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Our hospital is combined with modern technology and equipment along with the care and expertise of medical specialists in this field to treat hemorrhoid conditions
  • We offer advanced treatment for the clients at the affordable prices
  • Our hospital is equipped with specialized and experienced surgeons to treat piles
  • You will obtain quickest recovery time
  • In addition, we are expert at treating hemorrhoids with the laser treatment