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The plies are one term of the hemorrhoids that is the collection of infected tissues in rectum and anus. It contains blood vessel, elastic fiber, support tissue and others. Are you looking best hospital for Piles treatment in Hyderabad? Then the Yes Hospital is a perfect choice. It is one of the leading hospitals for the pile’s treatment. In the hospital, experienced doctors are working so they provide the best treatment for every patient depends on their health condition.  The Yes Hospital offers surgical and non-surgical treatment. They use the latest technology and advanced equipment to deliver the high-quality treatment to everyone. You can also get the free consultation service for first two months. They also provide EMI facility to undergo the surgeries at the affordable price. The doctors will understand the troubles what you are facing and then they suggest the best treatment with instant result. The laser treatment will help you to cure bleeding and pain quickly.


The piles are swollen tissue collection in anal and they have different range and size such as internal piles, external piles, and prolapsed piles. The internal hemorrhoid is inside the rectum and anal canal that not painful. The external piles are the outer area of the anus that can be painful. The prolapsed piles grow from the outside and inside the anus that pushed back inside.

Causes of piles

  • Lifting overweight
  • Obesity
  • Chronic constipation
  • Cancer in pelvis region
  • Mental tension and others

Piles symptoms

  • Appetite loss
  • Pain while defecating
  • Itchiness around the region of anal
  • Pain when sitting
  • One lumps near anus
  • Red blood on the stools and others
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What is piles Treatment?

Yes Hospital provides various Piles treatment in Hyderabad such as surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment. The specialist examines the patient and then suggests Piles treatment in Hyderabad. Many piles require surgery to cure and Yes Hospital provides surgery Piles treatment in Hyderabad such as Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy, and others. The top hospital offers the non-surgical piles treatment to their patients such as laser treatment, bipolar diathermy piles treatment, banding, sclerotherapy, Thread Therapy and much more. It helps the patient to cure of the pile’s problems without surgery. The experts will explain the complete procedure of the non-surgical Hemorrhoids treatment. Yes hospital provides the affordable treatment for hemorrhoids.

Advantages with YES Hospitals for piles treatment

Yes hospital is leading Piles clinic in Hyderabad that provides the quality treatment to every patient. When you are taking piles treatment with Yes Hospital then you can gain some benefits such as experienced doctors, cost-effective service, hygienic ambiance, quick diagnosis and others. They use the modern techniques to provide piles treatment that the patient quick relief from pain. The trained staffs and doctors ensure fast, post-operative care, pain-free walk out and others. The cost of the pile’s treatment varies depends on the pile’s size and treatment. They provide the treatment at the reasonable price.

Why Yes Hospitals?

There is the lot of reason for choosing the Yes Hospital such as first-class service, experienced experts, the trained nurse, and others. It is designed to cure the problems of rectal and anal such as Fistula, Hemorrhoids, and others. The cases are analyzed by the experts from other countries such as Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and others. The doctors analyze the lifestyle and suggest the long-term solution to their patients. With the help of the electronic medical record management system, they maintain the case history. You can choose the treatment methods depends on your needs and health condition. The procedures are painless and invasive to heal than other piles treatment methods.